How I Came to Hypnosis...

See that girl in the photo?

Pretty cool right?

She sure thought so, she thought she was hot shit! 

She was living in Los Angeles working in an industry she always dreamed of, traveling, hooking up, smokin, drinkin, druggin!

​She had just come from Ariana Grande’s after Grammy party (it’s true but I was not invited, stood in the corner the whole time, and eventually exited through a plant by the pool).


 Don’t let this girl fool you. She fooled me for a long time.

And then the forest fire happened. Remember 2016, the year all the celebrities died and the world went to shit?


Well that’s when this girl died too, within a period of six months someone flicked a cigarette butt in a pile of dead leaves (it was me I wasn’t paying attention) and it burned up  my LIFE, not a forrest this is a metaphor.

The best thing that ever happened to me, but in the moment I was panicking things were falling apart left and right I couldn’t keep it together. I was miserable, addicted, my relationships were a mess, deeply in debt, beyond emotionally overwhelmed, everyday unfulfilled, uninspired, my physical health was deteriorating, things were not flowing. ​

Everyday seemed like a crisis and I was crumbling beneath the weight of it and the only coping mechanisms I had were drugs and alcohol and boys that were oh so bad for me.​

When every part of my life went up in flames, on a whim I gave away everything I had and took a solo cross country road trip where I got robbed in Vegas, experienced sleep paralysis and terrifying lucid dreams while I camped alone in the desert, got stranded on the side of a dark road in the middle of the night because my engine overheated, and then had to cancel the last part of the trip after sliding over winding mountain roads in a white out blizzard. I very deeply felt the forces of nature, my own nature, during that road trip. Eventually with huge efforts I landed back at good ‘ol mom and dad’s in Nebraska. 


From that point, I picked up my shovel and dug myself deeper really trying to make a home in my rock bottom. I knew I was miserable, I knew I had addictions, I knew my mental and emotional state was a wreck, but I had NO CLUE HOW TO FIX IT.

So I dabbled. I dabbled in everything I possibly could, I saw multiple traditional psychologists, I did acupuncture, massage, reiki, yoga, I saw psychics and mediums, I did sacred ceremonies and learned tarot, I had a hundred crystals, went to al anon.  I learned everything I could about psychology and codependent relationships, addiction, alternative healing, shamans, spirituality, breath work, chakras, manifestation, meditation. And little by little I started to address my issues and heal my life.


But I was still stuck in a dark cloud of emotion. I still had all the habits I couldn’t figure out how to break free from. I read all the books and understood logically all the concepts but it wasn’t changing my life. ​

I had a cool crystal collection but I still felt hopeless. 

That’s when I found hypnosis, I approached it by wanting to learn how to do it so I could help other people. I took the course to become a certified hypnotherapist through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Through my desire to help others I found all the things I was looking for for myself. I found access to my subconscious mind and the root cause for my addictions. I found emotional release from my past trauma. I found a deeper understanding and awareness of who I was, where I came from, and why I am the way that I am. I found my true calling to help others. I found limitless inspiration. I found a deep, profound, and unending love for myself. ​

I am now able to build meaningful and emotional connections with other people, something I was terrified and incapable of before hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy gave me the tools to permanently change my mind and ultimately change my behaviors so I could change my life. ​

Through accessing my subconscious mind I was able to access the neural pathways in my brain that I was addicted to, not by conscious choice but because that was all I knew. ​

Through subconscious reprogramming of emotional patterns I created a new way to think and new neural pathways were formed so now I have the ability to consciously choose everyday every second new thoughts for myself. Thoughts that are uplifting and joyful, thoughts that inspire me, thoughts that give me new actions.

I still struggle, but I see every struggle as a gift, I am confident in my skills to navigate my emotional tides, I see the perfection in unperfectness, I have a vast and deep acceptance of myself and all that I am experiencing. ​


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