Corporate Wellness and Stress Management Program

As a yoga instructor, hypnotherapist, stress management coach, and meditation teacher, I am passionate about teaching your employees the tools to a well rounded approach to health. 


Mentally and physically healthy employees contribute to focused attention,  increased memory, willingness to go above and beyond, and overall performance, all of which play a role in increased productivity and longevity in the company.


Wellness programs are needed now more than ever for mental health moral support in today's highly unpredictable environment. 


My Wellness Program can look many different ways, we can work together to tailor a program that works best for your company’s needs. 


A typical program looks like:


Yoga Classes 

  • classes specifically aimed to prevent injuries from sitting in a desk typing on a computer all day. 

  • I will teach your employees simple moves they can do at their desk throughout the day to break up the repetitive movements that can cause workplace injury

  • I also have more traditional and challenging yoga classes as an option


Stress, Anxiety and Depression Reduction Workshop 

  • I teach simple tactics that can be used anytime anywhere that work quickly to reduce stress

  • I teach methods on how to recognize anxiety, what to do when you have anxiety, and how to prevent anxiety

  • I teach ways to recognize and cope with depression through meditation, journaling, and physical exercises


Peaceful Place Meditation

  • This meditation is a crowd pleaser!

  • Guided meditation to set up a peaceful place in the mind, helpful when dealing with any sort of stress or mental health crisis. This can greatly ease distress when practiced on a regular basis.


 Open Spots

Time to meet with your employees one-on-one for stress management coaching or hypnotherapy sessions

Weight Release Program


Hypnosis for weight release is a program taught over several weeks to create lasting change and healthy habits to lose weight and keep it off for life without the struggle. This works well with a group of people committed to losing weight as a team with a friendly competitive vibe. 


I make wellness fun, enjoyable and easy to come back to every day! 


My program offers a well rounded approach to mental health and physical wellness. I connect the mind, body and boost confidence to produce results that will save you money in the long run!


If you are an employer that cares about your corporate culture, attracting and keeping the best talent out there and keeping them healthy and well so they can give you their 100% best effort, then this program will make you the most attractive company in Omaha.

Please reach out if you'd like to book a corporate wellness program!
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