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Hypnosis for Opening your Heart to LOVE!

There was a point in my life where I spent a lot of time googling “How do you love yourself?”, because I truly didn’t know how! I knew that you were supposed to have love for yourself and along with that came confidence and perfectly arched eyebrows and the ability to freely express yourself in art or social scenes or in your career or to get a fine ass boyfriend. These were all things I wanted but did NOT have and I really didn’t know where to start.

In this video I lead you to explore the ENERGY of how to love yourself, how to accept all facets of your existence here on this earthly plane, how to embrace all the “mistakes” and use them for your greatest growth. Love for yourself starts with a feeling of compassion, acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness. Easier said than done. I can show you how to trick yourself into it, fake it till ya make it babayyyyy!

But once you tap into that INFINITE energy then hold on sweet baby mama the sweetness FLOWS!

I used to be president of the sad girls club because feeling bad is addictive, it's familiar, it's what I knew and I used it to connect with other sad girls and sad boys and then we all lived out our low level stories high level hurting each other. NOT FUN! Entertaining as hell, but I woke up hungover, alone (no matter who was in my bed), broke, not being able to trust anyone, physically unwell, mentally unwell…..and blah blah blah the list goes on.

Choosing to live in LOVE, I wake up full of love next to someone I love with lots of resources and time and creativity bursting out all of my cells. Everyone I meet I fall in love with! It fills my soul and spreads to others around me making their lives better too!! And I have lots of plants and they are all killin the game.

I still have struggles but I get curious and see them as an opportunity, I still get sad but I don’t live there. I take naps. And PRACTICE tappin into that sweet sweet energetic honey pot that is always there for me no matter the circumstance in my sweet ass life.

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