Join me for a hypnotherapy workshop,



In this two hour workshop we will explore areas in your life (health, wealth, career, relationships, creativity, etc) where you might feel blocked or stuck.

We are going to bring awareness into those stuck areas using a process of inquiry and hypnosis exercises to revive your gorgeous life!

In this interactive experience you will create a community with others attending through sharing, vulnerability, and a huge dose of humor to create lasting friendships.

You will leave feeling uplifted and supported by a new community

 inspired with a new understanding, and a


to take charge and courageously express your true desires 

leading to a life that flows

a life that is easy and interesting

where ideas come naturally 

a life that demands your true authentic expression

and you are able to deliver with enthusiasm

your genuine self bursting forth

ready to meet the world



"The ALPHA state workshop is a great opportunity to tackle some of the professional and personal blocks we're all facing in some way or another. After the workshop, I was able to face down some big internal problems that were causing my business to screech to a halt. I've had some of my most productive-- and happiest-- weeks of my career since then."

—  Craig, Entrepreneur

How would you like to improve your life with hypnosis?
MesmeRise Hypnosis and Past Life Regression
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