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Past Life Regression  Meditation
(audio download)

This is a 50min guided Past Life Regression meditation.

In this meditation you will be guided into a hypnotic trance down through a childhood memory, through the womb, traveling between lives to a past life (future life, in between life, off planet life- there are so many possibilites I like to refer to them as alternative timelines)

After you experience yourself in an alternative timeline you will travel to meet your guides to help you process what you just experienced.


Come to experience with about 10 questions in mind, anything to do with your current life. This is a fantastic exercise in building trust and familiarity between you and your guides.

Having a greater understanding of your alternative timelines can help you to clear karma and know yourself on a much deeper level.

This meditation can be used to re-visit past lives you are already aware of but wish to gather more information.


This meditation is a great stepping stone to help prepare you for your in-person Past Life Regression session.

What you experience will always be a vibrational match to where you are in your life right now so it will help gain insight into your current timeline. 


Snuggle up in some blankets with your earbuds in and get lost in your alternate realities!

Be prepared to meet your spirit guides and strengthen the channel of communication so you may always be connected✨

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