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Past Life Regression

A therapy tool to gain insight into your current life

How to have a successful Past Life Regression...

Am I making it up?!?! The number one question I get from my Past Life Regression clients is "am I making it up?"


The purpose of a past life regression is to experience a past life, right? Maybe you will be astral blasted to a different timeline and lose yourself completely as a bride to a reptilian organ harvester. Or maybe you'll sit there and think that this is complete bullshirt. What you focus on is what you will get! 


The key to a successful past life regression is imagination. Access to your third eye 👁  starts with imagination🔮. The more wild and vivid 🐅 you let your imagination run the more you will experience. The less you worry about "am I making it up?" the less resistance you will have to fully being immersed in the possibility of experiencing something unexplainable.

Do you wake up from a dream and question if you just made it up?


Dreams are powerful emotional and impactful keys into our psyche and if we pay attention to the signs, symbols, and feelings our subconscious is showing us we will be able to freely process our complicated thoughts, feelings and wishes from our innermost selves.


The thoughts, feelings and desires we often suppress and try so hard to look away from because they are painful and uncomfortable, but they run our lives and make us miserable and then we sit around and wonder why?!


If we can relax just a little and invite these blocks to be shown to us in a gentle, safe, dare I say FUN 👻 way then we can love on 'em and forgive them right out of our experience.


Every client I've worked with during a past life regression walks away with an insight or alignment they have been seeking in their current life, they receive guidance and encouragement for their current timeline.


And also, have really cool experiences, like traveling behind the sun to battle a fleet of ships 🛸 threatening earth, or receiving DNA upgrades in the Egyptian pyramids from extra terrestrial helpers🧞‍♀️. Many clients connect with guides, angles, loves ones that have passed on, and this is completely possible for you too! During a past life regression, I help you to connect to your otherworldly helpers that want to build a relationship to help you in this life.


So, are you making it up? Idk. 🤷‍♀️  Aren't we making it all up all the time? I think the real question is

how can we make this useful? We have access to the collective unconscious all possibilities are probable; let's be brave explorers!

Past Life Regression of an Egyptian Prince receiving DNA upgrades through rituals in the pyramids

He is Prince Aramay, there is an alignment in the sky and he is going to speak to the gods.


In this session Janine tackles deep past life trauma blocking her from taking on her full power as a leader. She has been having trouble in her spine that she can feel deep in her bones and marrow.


He lands in Egypt and immediately sees the three pyramids. He is dressed in royal attire with a ruby in his headdress. He has an instrument used to understand the alignment of the stars and he is headed to the pyramids to partake in an empowerment ritual.


Inside the pyramids, lights come in through the apex to form a grid around him moving as the planets move to awaken the next level of DNA; this is an activation of power from source. Connecting with multiple gods in different dimensional realities, they present themselves as vibration, frequency and color. The gods connect through his heart to theirs and higher wisdom comes through to his vessel. There are light beings around him holding Lemurian quartz. This unlocks his heart allowing higher frequencies to come through, helping to heal his heart from the loss of a grandfather who was a very important figure in his life.


He receives an orb and a scepter from the gods. The scepter has an inscription that must be read to receive an activation when the planets are aligned. The orb has a key used to open a tabernacle. He opens it and finds a crystal wand in the center with gold rings and a light grid circling, this will help prepare him to take over the throne.


He sees darkness and evil all around. The evil eye hangs ominously in the clouds. The people are overthrowing the throne. His father’s enemies spread lies about him to his people and they turn on him. He sees his father lying on the floor, one of his own men stabbed him. His father puts a hand on Aramay’s chest and Aramay tells him he loves him and will do his best to rule in fairness.


Aramay takes over the throne. He relies on the stars to maintain the correct frequency as a leader. He feels mutual respect between him and his people. He rules with his wife Celena, she is very kind and caring and tames the wild beasts with her heart. She is well loved by the people.


As Aramay peacefully transitions through death he has deep gratitude for his connection with the stars and this life just lived. There is a celebration of returning home on the other side.


She experiences reintegration into the soul cluster, essential for her soul to have acceptance of the now. Janine’s soul is learning to release fear by making the statement “I release all fear linked to my leadership on all levels. I give permission for that to be released.” And it is done. She understands now that there is already programming in her consciousness giving her access to the frequencies of a good leader. She releases fear in her spine and anger in her stomach and replaces it with joy and wisdom. The wisdom of ONE.


She finds this wisdom by traveling beyond source, beyond the sun and finds the absolute oneness of all there is. This is how we return home. May the will of ONE be done. Allowing ONE to make the decisions and not the egos of men. Moving beyond duality into ONE. This is how we return home, to the absolute oneness of all there is.

Past Life Regression of a Priestess honoring the Goddess

Annie explores her life as Ruby, starting out as a young girl at a sensual party, plugging into the Divine and living in kinship with one another.


Her purpose is to experience the pleasure of the collective and to serve others by embodying the Goddess and doing what she loves; prayer, rest, sensuality, communing with others.


She works through the deep loneliness she feels in stark contrast to the connected divine gatherings.


Later in this life she is captured because of her connection to the Goddess. She watches as her priestesses, her kin, are taken as slaves and killed. She is kept isolated and alive to be made to watch the destruction of her culture. Through her death she is being born into the Goddess's arms.


In the life of Ruby she got to fully be herself in her power of connection and pleasure in her relationships. She realized that bodies were the conduit transmitters of this Divine energy so we can experience the manifesting connection with each other. The loss she experienced showed her that her relationship with the divine transcended the body.

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